"Harris NPQ Programmes Exceed Expectations" *

The clear moral purpose of the provider to secure the high-quality leadership competencies of participants in order to improve outcomes for children and young people permeates the whole of the organisation and its work.

The high quality of the content reflects the involvement of knowledgeable and experienced Programme leaders and facilitators from a range of outstanding schools who design, review and continuously modify what is presented to participants.

The size of the Harris Federation, with almost 50 schools, and the variety amongst them means that there is a significant resource of high performing schools on which the NPQ programmes can draw. 

Immersion in real-life leadership situations and experiences by skilled leaders, who are all current and successful, make the content of NPQ programmes unique and exceptional in quality. 

The emphasis given to observing and learning from current leaders in situ means that continuous improvement is powered by best practice that is transforming the leadership in real schools and the outcomes for their pupils.

Facilitators on the NPQ programmes are recruited based on their proven success in school leadership.  More than 95% are current practitioners in Harris Federation schools and are chosen to facilitate particular modules because of a specific area of expertise in an NPQ content area.  The reputation of the Harris Federation means that it is constantly attracting leaders at every level who can model best practice and are willing to share their skills. 

Provision is grounded in high-quality evidence and research, this is the most significant strength of the programmes.  They are structured in such a way as to ensure that participants are thoroughly immersed in high-quality evidence stemming from outstanding current leaders.  This is enriched with well-chosen research from a wide range of resources, including local Research Schools.

The provider has ensured a seamless transition to greater online working because of the pandemic. 

Discussion with participants and listening to their testimonials in video clips presents strong evidence that participants are well supported.  A constant theme is the easily accessible, timely and high-quality support. It was clear from the observation of the NPQ Assessment Workshop that every opportunity is given to support participants and ensure that they are successful in their tasks.  The positive relationships developed with peers on the programmes themselves mean that participants have a strong, ongoing network of support too. 


*These quotes are from the DfE commissioned independent review of the Harris Federation NPQ Provision.

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