"I was reviewing some NPQ Testimonials for a report, here are a few…"

"George was a fantastic facilitator."

"The data section was very strong & helpful for future practice."

"I really enjoyed the presentations as they were very relevant to my role in how I use data on a short and long term basis. Katherine gave some specific factors to think about regarding the data we access which has made me look at the data more carefully."

"Was really useful to hear about personal journeys into leadership."

"I really liked the coaching session and practising those techniques. Also really enjoyed thinking about difficult conversations with my head."

"An excellent day with lots of information/techniques to take away and use in my role as a middle leader."

"Really eye opening and enjoyable."

"My first Harris training session and really impressed so thank you!"

"It was impressive how the Head of School gave up so much of his time."

"Great to hear about the leadership/school improvement journey Tom and Gareth have been on."

"The whole day has been great. There have been many great ideas shared, opportunity to ask questions and group chat."

"All of today was incredibly useful. Thank you."

"Really inspirational pair. The school and staff are really lucky to have them."

"Wow! How did 7 hours fly by?"

"Great to have a mix of real experience and theory. Also, great to have honest accounts and seeing that there is still work to do."

"It was enlightening to think about how much ‘planning’ goes into change and reflect that it is an incremental process."

"It gave me such a great boost. Thank you for investing in me during the NPQH."


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