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The aim of the NPQH Additional Support Offer for New Head Teachers  (NASONHT) is to provide structured, unassessed face-to-face support based on the best available evidence about what makes an effective head teacher.

The additional support offer is suitable for new head teachers who have taken the reformed NPQH or will be taking the NPQH in their first two years in role (the ‘NPQH Additional Support Offer for New Head Teachers’). This is a targeted package of support tailored to the needs of Teachers new to the role of headship.

While one main focus of the new NPQH is on helping participants to ‘think like leaders’, the NASONHT is intended as a complementary programme that focuses on helping participants to ‘act like leaders’. Therefore, NASONHT is seen as the meaning-making phase of self-reflection, observations, analysis of one’s leadership and development as well as its impact on the school and the school improvement process.

Programme infromation

The programme will be focused on the known challenges that new head teachers face - SEND, exclusions, HR, governance, budgeting and school development planning – to provide practical exemplification and guidance. 

In the early Spring each year, a regional conference will be held for all NASONHT participants in one of the Outstanding schools within our partnership regions. The conference will provide opportunities for network building and to ‘see it, name it and do it’ following the principles which underpin the NPQ programmes. This will include a narrated visit around the host school focusing on specific leadership challenges; nationally renowned keynotes and facilitated workshops to explore and apply the learning in their own contexts.

Blended learning

The programme is made up of a blend of synchronous and asynchronous components totalling a maximum of 4.5 days plus optional self study. Online and in-person synchronous sessions will be delivered in regional cohorts in order to build networks, with content provided by national experts from within and outside our partnership.





Online seminars




Annual regional conference

6 x 2hr sessions

Mix of 1hr individual and 2hr quartet coaching sessions.

Optional 20 2hr units





Optional 40



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